Table manners at all-time low

Texting whilst at the dinner table, not washing hands before a meal, and scoffing food in a hurry are all examples of the table manners in decline as found by a survey at the recent Birmingham Food Fest (July 13-19). The tradition of eating as a family, and savouring the meal in front of us has become rare – with our busy lives, social media and other distractions taking over.
As a paediatric dietitian, I often see families who don’t manage to eat meals together, or allow the tv on, games and other distractions to take over from the main event. Does this affect nutrition? Of course!
Food is such an important part of family life, and of nutrition too – and this survey perhaps highlights the need for back-to-basics approach to mealtimes and eating. The Birmingham Food Fest website offers a guide to table etiquette: Good Etiquette Guide
– perhaps a good start to re-establishing values that seem to have been dropped.

Hayley Kuter
Paediatric Dietitian
Blossom Consulting Ltd

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