Eight ways to make healthy normal

  1. Have a fruit bowl permanently available – full and sporting ripe and fresh fruit.
  2. Don’t allow chocolate, sweets, cakes, crisps and other junk foods to become everyday foods. Just get them in for special occasions only.
  3. Encourage them to drink water and enjoy it, by serving water with every meal. Put water in a jug with some ice and have nice glasses/beakers to make it more appealing.
  4. Make sure every meal comes with at least one sort of veggie or salad accompaniment. Don’t make it unusual for a vegetable to turn up on their plates!
  5. Have a think about your cooking and see about ways you could reduce the fat, salt or sugar content of your meals.
  6. Help children build on their knowledge of healthy eating by talking about what a balanced meal is. The 5-a-day message is obvious, but discuss other aspects of healthy eating too (for ideas, see my other blog posts).
  7. Aim to make healthy alternatives to favourite ‘junk’ food. Have a home-made-takeaway night and make your own version of pizza, burgers or Chinese – with a healthy twist of course.
  8. Offer some choice, but within a healthy range. Children like to feel in control without realising you’re influencing what they eat.

Hayley Kuter

Paediatric Dietitian


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