Children’s breakfast cereals

I’ve just completed some work analysing 50 breakfast cereals. Breakfast is considered to be one of the most important meals of the day. Children particularly, perform better academically, socially and physically when they eat a breakfast. Breakfast cereals are a great choice – but during my research I was shocked by the poor quality of cereals aimed at children.

Of the 14 cereals I looked at, only 1 was not high in sugar. Many were high in salt – even for adult standards. I would encourage parents to choose breakfast cereals wisely for their children. If it means foregoing a cereal box with a cartoon on it, so be it. If you introduce a chocolate cereal from the beginning, it is very difficult to change little taste buds onto a wholesome cereal. Ignore the ‘children’s cereals’ section of the supermarket and head for the nutritious wholegrain options and give your children the best start possible!

Here are some links to media coverage of my report…

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